Kevin Stieper, CPA

We started with a passion for helping small businesses and start-ups. 

We recognized that many small business owners struggled to keep up with their day-to-day accounting while also trying to establish and grow a business.  They often had no place to turn for answers to a myriad of accounting, banking, tax, HR, and benefit questions. 

That's where we stepped in to help. 

In practice since 2004, we've helped hundreds of business owners deal with their accounting challenges by working to understand the business and tailoring solutions to meet the needs of the business.  We've guided them through the ever changing landscape of tax regulations and proposed actions that are smart tax strategies.  We've consulted on benefit programs that are well rounded, cost effective, and attractive.

Working with many small businesses has required us to think and act like a small business.  We remain focused, flexible, agile, and, most importantly, dedicated to providing high quality service that meets your needs.